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Vaping Saved Until 2022!!

July 28, 2017

In what I would describe as a shocker and HUGE news, the FDA has just announced a new deadline for a PMTA for all regulated Vaping products and that date is Aug. 8, 2022. Read the full press release and the speech. The is NOT a joke! This is NOT junk news. This IS a gift from heaven and… Read More »

The Last Chance To Save Vaping. DONATE today!

August 22, 2016

On August 8, 2016 the FDA’s Vaping Deeming Rule became Final and is the law of the land. Unless we see significant Congressional intervention and or Legal Actions in our favor, 99.9% of the marketplace will be destroyed in the next two years. If you are a regular reader of this Blog, myself and other activists have been predicting… Read More »

ProVape of ProVari Fame Going Out of Business. Thank you FDA!

May 18, 2016

The ProVari by ProVape was a revolutionary device when introduced in 2010. Today, they still offer a ProVari 2.5 along with Procyon, Radius, Classic ProVari, and the ProVari P3. They are the largest vape hardware company in the US, having shipped over 450,000 devices to 67 countries. ProVari devices are designed by former aerospace and military engineers and… Read More »

FDA Vaping Final Deeming Regulation: Nicotine Base.

May 14, 2016

How the FDA will regulate nicotine base/liquid nicotine is an area of great confusion in the vaping community, which includes some vendors. I’ve seen responses that include assertions that a given vendor is already licensed to sell NIC base by a given states “Tobacco Manufacterer” laws. Since Federal law usurps state law, I decided to dive down into the… Read More »

Vaping Killed On 8-8-16. RIP!

May 11, 2016

The demise and death of Vaping will occur on 8-8-16. I’m sorry but you don’t have two or three years from the release of the Final Rule on 5-10-16. Exactly how was this date determined? Let me explain with an overview and I will due my best to not dive down into the weeds which tends to confuse… Read More »

Nicopure Labs Sues FDA. Think Halo Ecigs!

May 10, 2016

Well, that didn’t take long! A mere 5 days after the FDA released the Final Rule and subsequently released the PMTA Draft Guidance, Nicopure labs has sued the FDA. The first of numerous law suits I would expect to see. Nicopure is the parent company for the famous Halo Ecigs along with eVo and Purity. The are huge… Read More »

CASAA, SFATA, AEMSA, AVA, and NBS Form Coalition to Fight The FDA’s Vaping Regulations

May 9, 2016

Today, CASAA, SFATA, AEMSA, AVA and NBS have formally announced their coalition to pursue legal and legislative strategies now that the FDA’s final deeming regulations have been released. The coalition will continue working to determine the correct litigation strategy and legislative actions. We will be informing the vapor industry and community of next steps, deadlines, PR objectives, and… Read More »

Vaping Final Rule Details: Part 1

May 9, 2016

A few days ago the FDA released the Final Rule for Vaping. I’ve been digesting the 499 pages and lurking in social media to measure the actions, behavior, and tone of my fellow vapers. I plan to make multiple Blog posts on the Final Rule and this is my first post on the details. Generally speaking, many vapers… Read More »

FDA Vaping Final Rule Released. Vaping Killed!

May 5, 2016

A few hours ago the FDA released their Vaping Final Rule. The effective date is around 8/6/16. Although I’m still digesting and reading the 499 pages it appears to be a defacto Ban on Vaping with only BP and BT surviving. So far, all the details which I have read support what many of us always thought which includes… Read More »