FDA Vaping Final Rule Released. Vaping Killed!

May 5, 2016

A few hours ago the FDA released their Vaping Final Rule. The effective date is around 8/6/16. Although I’m still digesting and reading the 499 pages it appears to be a defacto Ban on Vaping with only BP and BT surviving. So far, all the details which I have read support what many of us always thought which includes the TVECA leaked docoments. In summary, it’s ALL very bad news. I’ve tried my best to inform vapers with this Blog for the last two years. I’ve been met with skepticism and hate for my views as some others wished to stick their head in the sand but today we all face reality. A few links to get you started:

FDA E-Cigarette Deeming Regulations are a Disaster for Public Health

The FDA Intro Page

Deeming Regulations have been released!!!!

The entire 499 pages of the Final Rule.

I promise to digest the Final Rule and continue to post my views on the Blog. At this point and time, I would suggest that you follow the advice of the CASAA call to action and Support HR 2058 which would change the grandfather date for vapor products.