Vaping Lies From The CDC

April 24, 2015

In what I can only describe as a desperate attempt to obliterate Vaping, CDC Director Tom Frieden has joined the top 5 desk killers in the ANTZ movement. The tactic is always the same, treat Vaping the same as smoking cigarettes. Throw millions of our tax dollars at a media Campaign which includes an ecig segment.  How clever! NOT.… Read More »

Another FDA Workshop for Electronic Cigarettes and the Public Health

December 31, 2014

The FDA, like many government agency’s, have a talent for spending our money on “dog and pony shows” which serve no real purpose and don’t improve public health. I recorded all of the audio from the first FDA workshop and you can even download the public comments audio recording. The FDA controls and manipulates every speaker, panelist, and all the… Read More »

Vaping Reflections: 2014 & 2015

December 26, 2014

It’s time to reflect on Vaping activism and the regulatory landscape during 2014 and rub my crystal ball for 2015. Unlike some people, I begin with some introspection. That’s ME! What worked and what failed. My Mission statement remains valid and I remain committed to it’s purpose. Since I have “no skin in the game” and will not and would… Read More »

Vaping Media Coverage on TV: Fox 5 News, Las Vegas, Nevada

December 16, 2014

This Video was recorded on 12-16-14. Courtesy of Fox 5 News – KVVU-TV, Las Vegas, Nevada @ Featuring the expected bloviating and half truths from the CDC and the counter from Greg Conley, President of the American Vaping Association. Nevada currently has no vaping “protect the children” laws, however I have visited at least 20 B&Ms and have never seen a… Read More »

A Vaping Tragedy Averted

December 7, 2014

Today, much to my surprise and joy, the Dr. Farsalinos crowdfunded campaign/study titled “Temperature of evaporation, liquid consumption and vapor analysis in realistic conditions” and available for your review at the Indiegogo web site obtained it’s funding goal of $72,000.00 and will likely continue to exceed this goal. Currently, total contributions are $72,483.00 (101%) via 740 funders (Editorial Notes: Final amount… Read More »

Powerful US House Members Help Vapers with Letter to the FDA

December 2, 2014

Speaker of the House John Boehner (a smoker), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Fred Upton, Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee recently sent a letter to Secretary Burwell of the Department of Health and Human Services (the parent organization) with CCs to FDA Commissioner Hamburg and Director Zeller, Center for Tobacco Product at the FDA. A remarkable turn of… Read More »

A Vaping Tragedy

December 1, 2014

I thought I would never have to write this post. It’s a very sad day. Someone needs to tell this story and since I have no “skin in the game” it’s going to be me. Please don’t assume that I enjoy this post because that’s not the case. Dr. Farsalinos is a long time friend of the Vaping… Read More »

Vaping Convergence: The DNA40 Board & The Dr. Farsalinos Scientific Study

November 1, 2014

On October 14, 2014 Evolv released their revolutionary DNA40 board. I plan to cover this issue is greater detail in future posts but I wanted to provide you with a highlight and my own perspective. The signature feature of this “game changing” board is it’s ability to eliminate dry hits and the taste of burned/contaminated juice. A serious problem… Read More »