SFATA comments to FDA opposing deeming regulation: Legal Approach for Vapers

September 4, 2014

The SFATA (The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) approach to the FDA Vaping regulations is unique and well worth a read. It is basically a “legal” approach and strongly implies that SFATA plans to sue the FDA at the appropriate time. The letter includes signatures of two attorneys (Counsel of record) for SFATA. These partner attorneys work for Venable LLP, one of… Read More »

Southern Nevada Health District Director LIES to the FDA About Vaping

September 3, 2014

Yet another specious and disingenuous liar joins the club. The Southern Nevada Health District Director, the local public health authority serving more than 2 million residents of Clark County, which constitutes more than 70% of Nevada’s population. Their mission is to protect the health and well-being of residents within their jurisdictions. However, some of his recommendations will insure the DEATH… Read More »

Public Health Directors LIE to the FDA About Vaping – Part 2

September 2, 2014

In my first article on this issue , I suspected and posted that NACCHO had organized this deplorable letter writing campaign to the FDA. Today, we have proof. An identical comment by NACCHO was posted to the FDA Demming Vaping regulations. Even “organizations” are liars! DrMA on ECF has created an outstanding form letter to send to these bloviating… Read More »

Public Health Directors LIE to the FDA About Vaping

August 28, 2014

For a significant portion of my life I thought that State and City Public Health officials were actually concerned with public health. Today, that’s not the case for some of these officials. The following bloviaters, liars, specious, and agenda driven officals have no concern for public health. They submitted comments to the FDA concerning the Vaping regulations during the… Read More »

29 state attorneys general want to eliminate Vaping in a 8/8/14 letter to the FDA

August 10, 2014

These AGs are specious, disingenuous, LIARS, agenda driven, beholding to the all mighty dollar, and have no concern for public health. Appalling. Just a few extracts for your reading pleasure. “Accordingly, we recommend that the FDA should promptly issue proposed regulations under Sections 906(d)(1) and (4) and any other relevant statutory provisions to ban the non-face-to-face sales of… Read More »

Vapors: When will the FDA Ban Internet sales?

August 6, 2014

Given the recent developments of 8/4/2014, my short answer is “sooner rather than later”! Let me explain my thinking on this issue. Bolded by me in the following extractions: “In a letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, the Members wrote: “While FDA’s proposed rule sets the stage for future regulations, strong regulatory actions on marketing to children, e-cigarette… Read More »

More vaping LIES from the FDA!

July 19, 2014

Zeller and Hamburg of the FDA are working overtime to publish new bold face and unmitigated LIES about vaping. The following page is titled “Recognize Tobacco in its Many Forms” and the opening paragraph says: “Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of disease and death in the United States, but can you recognize all the different… Read More »